Hearts of Fire Counseling and Adoption Services is a Child Caring Agency licensed in Oregon.

I write Home Study evaluations that can be used in both Agency and Independent Adoptions.  My Home Studies are accepted for use in any state. Hearts of Fire is owned by me, Sandy Cassidy.  I am also the Director.  I started my agency 12 years ago after recognizing the need to help prospective adoptive parents navigate the often confusing and sometimes misleading information they were receiving.  My flat fee for a domestic home study is $3,000 and there are no other fees relative to the home study at all.  So, for example, I do not charge an application fee, Certificate of Approval fee, home study review fee by a supervisor, time and travel fee, and other add-on fees.  When you call Hearts of Fire, you will be talking to me.  I’ll be able to assist you as you struggle with the paper maze of your placing agency.  I will be talking to the representatives of your placing agency and making certain that they have all the documents they may need.  I enjoy working with many different types of people and do not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, or other.  My refund policy is that if my client is not satisfied with my services at any stage of the process and would like a refund, I will refund their payment, no questions asked.  This has never happened.  

There is so much to learn about adoption. Almost everyone who has adopted a child once stood in your shoes. They wanted a child and felt that adoption was the best path for them. I would consider it an honour to work with you and guide you to the adoption of a child.

Hearts of Fire Counseling and Adoption Services does not take physical custody of children.  The required quarterly Restraint Seclusion Reports have been submitted to Oregon DHS indicating no restraint seclusion.  Copies of these reports are available upon request from Hearts of Fire Counseling and Adoption Services.